There are so many ways you can help raising funds to support the work of hospice. 筹款的方法有很多。
Whether it’s taking part in an organized event or putting on your own activity, the Fundraising Team are here to help you make it a success.



Tea Love.


Ms Melinda is our late patient Mr Adrian’s wife. She has came up with an idea to help raise funds for FHL and a tribute to her husband. She has put together a mixture of tea leaves with the help of T&Co. 

Each box consist of 3 tins of tea bags. 

Liu Pao Cha
Jasmine & white tea
Red tea & lavender

Each tea set cost RM68. To purchase, kindly contact FHL Hospice staff Ms Angeline at  +6010 3930150 and she will take your orders.  (1 tea set comes with 3 tins of tea bags. No preferences of choice is allowed. Thank you for your understanding).


A lovely word from Ms Melinda:

FHL Hospice holds a special place in our hearts, as we have personally seen the way that they have cared for our loved ones and have made the lives of our beloved a more comfortable one, despite the various challenges faced from caring for a patient

A book that can save lives.


Of all blood cancers, leukaemia and lymphoma are among the most curable.  However, many people, including doctors, still believe the disease leads to immediate death.

Dr Ng says, “This is no longer true today as they are not fatal ... With optimal treatment, the majority of patients go into remission and are considered cured."

That's the premise of the book "Understanding Blood Disorders" by Dr Ng Soo Chin, Consultant Haematologist, Subang Jaya Medical Centre. This book provides all the useful information for patients and relatives who are battling with haematological cancer and comprehensive

information for the medical staff involved in looking after these patients.


Source credit: The Star Newspaper

To order a copy of your book today, contact us at  The retail price for the book is RM100.  We will cover shipping costs.  Proceeds from book sales will be given to FHL Hospice to look after our patients requiring palliative care.


Messiah Concert Fund Raising

Checkout these pictures below from our fund raising event - the 40th anniversary cum Messiah concert and fund-raising for FHL Hospice at Pantai Baptist church, Selangor. 以下附上由中马基督教圣乐促进会为我们举办的筹款音乐晚会。



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